Something Positive

My wife sometimes accuses me of having a negative view of our children.

Actually what she says is, “You don’t like them very much do you?”, but you know, whatever, same thing. And It probably doesn’t help that I usually answer with a shrug and a “Meh…”.

But I decided after my last post that I wouldn’t post again until I had something positive to say about my children.

That was a month ago.

So, because I really feel that it’s been too long since my last post and it’s the time of year we Americans are supposed to think about the things we’re thankful for I decided to force it so I can get back to writing.

Ok, here I go:

  • My oldest is very, very smart, very funny, incredibly kind, empathetic and only cries two or three times a day over stupid shit.
  • Demon Spawn, the middle child, is also very smart and funny, he is well behaved in school and anywhere his mother and I are not, and he doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as he used to.
  • The baby… Well… He’s awfully cute I guess…
  • Also they brought a level of joy to my I didn’t know was possible, they light up my otherwise cynical, dark soul, they make my life worth living , I love them more than I thought I could ever love anything and even the thought of being without them is completely unbearable.

So there you go. Happy Thanksgiving.

4 comments on “Something Positive

  1. fadingsunlight says:

    The middle child always seems to be known as “Demon Spawn”… It’s the same in our household.

  2. Mom says:

    Ahhhh…you made me cry. You are a remarkable daddy and I love you!

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