Mice, Knives and Pain

My last post was all about how boring things have been around here. That post was a mistake. Not the information in that post. That was true. It was starting to get boring, but having the hubris to put how boring things have gotten in print? That was a mistake.

The what I now view as normalcy started almost immediately after hitting the publish button on that last post with the mouse incident:

It’s starting to get cold outside, we live in an old house and sometimes field mice get in to escape the elements, usually just to be toyed with and then brutally murdered by our cat, Swirly Rainbowtron Catinator. Yes that’s her actual name. Sometimes Swirly falls a little short on the murder part and leaves these stunned mice on the kitchen floor. This how early one morning while getting the older boys ready for school I hear, “Daddy! The baby is making a mouse swim!”

… “What?”

“He has a mouse! And a glass of water! And he’s putting them together! Mouses don’t seem to swim good Daddy!”

“Mice, buddy. Mice don’t seem to swim well…”

Then there was the incident where I heard Demon Spawn screaming for me to come and help him and I came in to find that the baby had cornered him on the couch by repeatedly thrusting a steak knife (a steak knife I had never seen before and am convinced that the baby lifted from a restaurant and had been hiding on his person prison style) at him and giggling insanely.

Also the baby, who weighs more than the four year old, has decided cuddling involves headbutts to face.

So things have gotten back to normal around here.

I guess that teaches me to complain about being bored.


8 comments on “Mice, Knives and Pain

  1. Tempting Fate, were you? “Bwaahahahaha” replied Fate…. and I applaud your initial reaction to swimming mouses (correcting grammar instead of rescuing mouse or child, depending on your perspective). 🙂

    • agitatedangler says:

      Considering that there’s no real protocol for dealing with your baby dunking a mouse in a glass like it was a cookie being dipped in milk I just went with what I knew. 😉

  2. mathairfiona says:

    LOL! Sounds a little like our house 🙂 I love your cat’s name, btw.

  3. Your posts never,ever fail to make me laugh out loud!! Lol makes sense here!! Too hilarious! I wanna meet your kids,and am sure Bubbles,my six year old who.my mother is convinced shoulda been a boy would thrive here,she’d fit like a glove!!!

  4. Yes,went back and read it again and laughed even harder!! Of mice and babies,or is it mouses:-D
    Gosh!!! Thanks for sharing!

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