Why Won’t They Do Anything Funny?

I think we’re in a rut.

Nothing exciting is happening.

The house is staying clean.

Demon Spawn has mellowed.

The oldest goes to school, comes home, does his homework, plays his nonviolent/age appropriate video games and goes to bed.

The baby still gets into everything he can but other than an incident involving him drinking hand sanitizer and immediately throwing up everywhere nothing really new or exciting has been happening on that front.

I’m still at home.

My wife is still working.

Maybe I should look at it in a more positive light and say we’ve finally got a good routine down, but when you’re looking for funny things to post about it really feels like less of a positive thing.

Maybe I should start making shit up…

11 comments on “Why Won’t They Do Anything Funny?

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    it’s just the calm before the storm…

  2. Jonathan says:

    Sometimes I think that babies who are kids of parent bloggers should make an extra special effort to do cute, silly or funny things so as we’ve got more to write about. Where’s the family spirit and empathy? 🙂

  3. g0ne fishin9 says:

    All this smells funny if you ask me.
    I think you should watch them closely. Aren’t they exchanging meaningful glances? Or maybe they don’t. Precisely. They’re probably trying to dull your vigilance.
    I wouldn’t sleep too much. Did you lock the guns?
    And the knives?

    • agitatedangler says:

      I should if just to practice for when things go all Road Warrior because of the government shutdown.

      • Marc Fauvet says:

        yup, i kinda see that coming too. in a way, it wouldn’t be any surprise.
        what’s interesting is how the medias here are mostly shutting up about this whole shut-down affair. sounds very fishy, imo.

  4. anotherdayinmommadise says:

    Making shit up is the only way I make it through my day!! I have to make epic stories to make my day exciting! WWIII played out between my son and my dog but no one else in the world knew a thing 😉 Good luck

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