Disciplining Children and How You Will Never Do It Right

In reality I’m sure you’re doing a perfectly fine job disciplining your child. You know your child. You know what gets their attention. You know their limits. What they like, what they don’t.

You, you’re doing fine.


But you know who thinks they can do a better job disciplining your child/children?

Everybody else on Earth.

Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes.

Take your kids to a public place (I like Walmart because there’s always a good mix of individuals and my children lose their goddam minds’ the minute we walk through the door) and watch people’s reactions as you deal with them. You let your children run around and have fun? Side glances and whispered “if those were my kids…”. Tight leashes and telling them to hush? Head shakes and tut-tuts from the hippy skirts and grandma crowd.

In just the last two weeks I’ve had conversations that ranged from “We don’t use the word ‘no’, it’s too negative” to “What’d’a mean you don’t spank your kids?!?! My sister didn’t spank her kids and now one of her boys is jail for meth. Uh-hu…”

Really no matter how you choose to disciplin your own children somebody else will think they can do a better job.

And as far as I can tell, as long as we don’t bring popular religions into this, no one has produced a perfect child yet.

So if what I talked about above has ever gotten to you, just relax because you’re doing a perfectly fine job.

And if you’re part of the judgy side, please keep your head down, mouth shut and unless there seems to be some sort of real abuse going on, mind your own business.



6 comments on “Disciplining Children and How You Will Never Do It Right

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  2. You left out family members, like the grandparents… 🙂

    Our philosophy has been to keep them out of jail and the hospital. (Course, your wee ones shouldn’t have graduated to the ‘jail’ part of that…) So far, so good as our boys have avoided both.

    As for the folks judging your parenting skills? As soon as they sign up to pay for the kids’ cars and college, they get a vote. 😉

    • agitatedangler says:

      As far as half of my kids grandparents go I can usually remind them how my late teens/early twenty’s went and they take off their judgy pants. And with the rest of them, that’s a wonderful way to look at it!

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