Apartment Sitting With Kids

We had to find a broom and mop before we even made it to the bedroom.

And it was a one bedroom apartment.

In Manhattan.

Books and trinkets were pulled off of the shelves. Closets were rummaged through. Cats were chased, caught, squeezed and tasted. Piano keys were beaten in an attempt to make what the children refered to as “music”. Also they forgot how to speak so resorted to screaming all their words. An entire box of donuts was reduced to crumbs and scattered across the floor. The baby tried to clean the wall with lox. Sand from playgrounds was dumped out of shoes directly onto the floor. The baby took daily baths in the cats’ water bowl. And he ate some of their food.

We cleaned. We left.

I laughed a lot at the text my wife got a day later: Wow! The place is so neat and tidy! Best house guests EVER!!!

Yep, that’s us. Best house guests ever…




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