And It’s Official

We knew it was coming.

We just didn’t know when.

And to be honest it’s almost completely our fault. We’ve set a terrible example by how we act and what we talk about in front of our children.

Well, that and genetics.

See, my wife and I, we… Well… We found out that my oldest son is a full fledge geekling.

We were hoping it would stay at the level where he was just a little spazzy and really, really enthusiastic about math and video games… and some comics… and Star Wars…  and sometimes he quotes Doctor Who…, but we got the results of a school administered eye exam this week and it appears he’s getting glasses for his eighth birthday. Possibly thick ones.

He also recently started needing an inhaler because of allergy induced asthma.

And he seems to be really bad at sports. But that’s not a big surprise because he’s very small for his age and kind of uncoordinated…

Man am I glad geek culture is cool now.




9 comments on “And It’s Official

  1. Glasses may improve the really bad at sports thing. Once I got contacts, I no longer ducked the small balls coming fast aka softballs and my overall athletic skills improved markedly. Still not great, but acceptable.

  2. strawberryquicksand says:

    From one geek to another, CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

  3. if sports are important, try martial arts. it’s great for the geeky crowd. more individual, other geeks, fewer issues with depth perception. There are fists or feets hurling at speed at times but less than baseball or football! I’ll put our web site but obviously you need to find a local school. lol.

  4. Got 3 boys: 2 jocks, one full-on geek… Guess I wasn’t skilled enough to put all that in one kid… 😉

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