Still Alive

In case anyone was wondering, I am still alive.

I did not succumb to the numerous illnesses that have been flooding through my home for the last month.

My computer has died though.

This leaves me with only an iPad to write on.

I have learned that if I try to write anything of any length on the iPad that my frustration level will reach a point where I may throw it a wall.

This isn’t my iPad that I’m using.

So y’all will hear from me again when I have access to something that doesn’t suck so hard.



2 comments on “Still Alive

  1. strawberryquicksand says:

    Oh, blah. typing on an iPad has to suck almost as much as typing texts and facebook status updates on my smart phone. My phone has decided that, when in Swype mode, it does not want to use the letter W to start a word,and if I do start a word wtih a W, it will not allow me to type any further words or letters. Consequently, I had to switch to the other text-entering mode (which I forget the name of, but it drives me bonkers) with which I am less familiar and like less.

    This led tothe following… Only yesterday I received a message from a friend, Tina, telling me that our mutual friend’s dad was going to pass away in the next couple of days from cancer and I replied with “oh, that’s so sad 😀 :D”. Naturally I had pressed send (accidently) before I could recall the smilies and turn them into frownies. I then burst out into fits of laughter while saying “oh my god. i can’t belive I jsut sent that. How horrible”. When I finally recovered, I managed to send another text telling Tina that they were supposed to be sad faces and that I would give Jane a call. She understood, but as much as I found it hilarious, I felt terrible, but she did realise that it was merely a typo. But heck. Give me my desktop and keyboard any day!

    • agitatedangler says:

      Yikes! At least it wasn’t to Jane…
      And that’s a perfect example of why I hate machines with touch screens.

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