Shell Shock

Now that it’s day two I know what to listen for.

It starts as a low grumbling/gurgling sound followed by a small whine that builds to a loud cry.

That’s when he explodes.

Or should explode.

Truth is something only happens about 50% of the time but the signs are the same either way.

When it does come I don’t know from which end so proper containment of the situation is difficult at best. Should I put the bowl under his chin? Should make sure the towel is properly positioned under his butt in case the diaper doesn’t hold?

It usually doesn’t matter.

No matter how well I prepare I will be vomited or shat upon to some degree.

Then it’s the shrill crying screams as the cleaning up process begins.

I try to explain to him that there are ways that we don’t have to get so… messy. But he doesn’t heed my advise. Probably because he’s a baby and really understands nothing.

I’m trying to hold on mentally, but being stuck in one place with too little sleep and too much coffee is beginning to take its toll.

And I can hear the grumbling starting again…


5 comments on “Shell Shock

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    something like this ?

  2. agitatedangler says:

    Ah, the Japan of Europe.

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