Zero Tolerance

Well, my oldest now has a mark sullying his permanent record.

Yesterday at school he, my oldest, the good one, the smart one, the respectful and gentle one, told some kid that had been calling him weirdo all week that he would kill him while making “gun fingers” in his general direction.

I guess I shouldn’t be completely surprised that something like this happened. He and his younger brother do have a habit of speaking like super villains; telling each other that they will “rue the day” and shouting “I SHALL DESTROY YOU!” at inanimate objects. But I thought he’d be smart enough not threaten kids at school.

I mean, he’s the smallest kid in his class and kind of nerdy. You’d think there would be some sort of innate survival instinct that would kick in. But no, he straight-up told a kid that he would kill him.

So the school made us come and pick him up, effectively suspending him for the rest of the day and getting him a “threatening behavior” stamp on his school record, due to their “zero tolerance” policy…

My son is in second grade.

He is seven years-old.

Before this he only got in trouble for being overly enthusiastic about the things going on in class.

And they took his threat seriously?




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