The Party

Later today the baby, Demon Spawn and I are expected to attend a party at my oldest son’s school.

I am completely terrified by this.

The baby should be fine, but Demon Spawn, well, I just don’t know how he’ll be. Sometimes he’s shy and quiet in a crowd which leads people to believe I’m a terrible parent because I’m watching this obviously sweet and most gentle of children as if he was a rabid dog. And sometimes in a crowd he acts as if I once, in fit of grief, buried him in the old pet cemetery, which leads people to believe that I’m a terrible parent because I can’t control my obviously evil, rabid dog of a child as he goes through the crowd cutting people’s achilles tendon with a straight razor.

And then there’s my sons teacher who I’m scared of, because I’ve only spoken to her once over the phone. While drunk. At a bar. At 11:30 in the morning. (I have an excuse for this, but…)

Anyway, I think I’m heading into a no-win situation.

Wish me luck.


2 comments on “The Party

  1. padewon learner says:

    You need to combine these into a book called “the trials in tribulations of a stay at home dad/angler”

    • agitatedangler says:

      No, I’m scared it would be popular and become a TV show and I would be played by Larry the Cable Guy. That would suck.

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