The Experiment

So while spending Thanksgiving day at a good friends house my blog, this very one that you are currently reading, became a topic of discussion.

“Yeah man, I’ve turned like five different people onto your blog,” said Kevin, our gracious Thanksgiving day host.

“Sweet. Thank’s dude.”

“Yeah, no problem, but you should post more often,” Kevin suggested.

“Well,” I began to explain.

“Yeah, you really should,” chimed in my wife.

“But I can only…”

“Definitely more often.”

“Yeah, why don’t you post more. Post more. Post More! POST MORE! POST MORE!”

That’s when everyone in the house started chanting and I began to blubber in a corner while trying to explain why my post were infrequent.

Alright, that last part with the chanting and blubbering didn’t happen, but I did try to explain that when your day consist of almost the exact same thing day in and day out, that coming up with new things to write about your life with your horrible children is, well, really hard. And I am really lazy.

But, as a big ol’ “SEE! I FUCKING TOLD Y’ALL!” to Kevin and my wife, I will post everyday from now until the time my posts become nothing but stream of consciousness descriptions of the sounds the colors are making as my insanity carves them into the interior walls of my skull. That or until I get bored with the experiment.

Either way I’m giving it maybe a week.



3 comments on “The Experiment

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    if this is anything like your daily fly it’ll be exciting, can’t wait !!! 😆

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