Censoring My Children’s Media (and how I suck at it)


Yesterday I was cleaning while I had a little pop-punk playing in the background on one of the free internet radio sites when I realized my kids were dancing around me to the song “Fuck Armageddon… This is Hell” by Bad Religion. Noticing this I stopped cleaning to see what other songs the kids may have heard while I wasn’t paying attention. There was some stuff from NOFX,  Propagandhi and some other bands that, well, if you’re not familiar the genre lets just say that there’s no lack of profanity in the lyrics. I mean, it’s no hardcore gangsta rap or anything, but still, there’s plenty of words in there that I don’t want my three-year old using while we’re shopping.

“Wait,” I  then thought. “Is the only reason I try to censor profanity in our home is because I don’t want others to judge me?”

And the answer is yes, it’s pretty much the only reason.

I honestly have no problems with profanity. Actually I think it’s often the most straightforward way of voicing your opinion about certain situations. I mean, what can be more succinct than a calmly stated “fuck that”? And because of this I have a difficult time disciplining my children for using profanity at home, especially when they use it correctly or it makes me laugh. But I still try to censor it.

Then I realized the only reason I have a problem with sexual content on TV and movies is because I’m scared to explain sex to my kids. I don’t want them watching that filth because I don’t want to explain a blowjob joke to a seven-year old. The idea of that just plain terrifies me.

Really the only thing I censor for the good of the children is violence.

And I obviously do an awful job at that considering how hard my oldest laughs while beating hookers to death while playing Grand Theft Auto






6 comments on “Censoring My Children’s Media (and how I suck at it)

  1. mikes75 says:

    Nice post! My only problem with my son hearing or seeing explicit content is not explaining the jokes, it’s explaining the motives. I caught him singing along when I was listening to “California Uber Alles” and had to explain why teachers might be unhappy if he decided to sing it in school. I should also add it was a fun conversation explaining to my wife why he was mimicking Jello Biafra.

    • agitatedangler says:

      I’ve had those conversations, usually they’re Futurama related and have something to do with the term “shinny metal ass”.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Omg, people are going to think you’re seriously abt that last part!,

  3. Hey! I really enjoy your writing style. I think it’s important to be able to have a censor for media for certain situations. Definitely if you’re a parent you should be able to monitor the media that your children see/hear. Thanks for this! Cheers!

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