Confessions of a Horrible Husband and a Public Apology to My Poor Neglected Wife

Today is my wife’s birthday. I completely forgot about it until Facebook reminded me. Not once during our morning together did I remember to utter the words “happy birthday”. There was no singing. No fanfare. Nothing birthday related. Just the usual morning routine.

So, to my wife I say:

I’m sorry.

I’m a terrible, awful, thoughtless husband.

You are awesome and I suck.

You are smart and I am dumb…


You turn this age, which I will not reveal, only once and it deserves some sort of acknowledgement in a prompt manner, which I failed miserably at producing this morning.

I would probably be lying if I say that this situation will never arise again during our lives together, but I can promise you it will be a long, long time before I’ll have to make amends for this particular mistake.

Or at least I won’t forget next year.


So once again I am very sorry.

Happy Birthday!

(and this apology is good for one free foot massage)


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