Privacy (or the lack thereof)

Long ago, before my wife, I loved another girl. And like most teenagers in love, I thought she was “the one”. Well, due to circumstances beyond our control, this girl, “the one”, moved halfway across the country. To say I missed her would be a gross understatement. My since of loss was overwhelming. I pined, yearned, ached and all the other things a teenage boy does for a girl that he loves and is suddenly separated from.

This is how I now feel about my now nonexistent privacy.

I now pine for the time in my life where I could go to the bathroom and spend as much time as I wanted (or needed) to without having someone scream at me through the door. I ache for when I could once take a shower without a small person ripping open the shower curtains just to declare at the top of their lungs that they can see my penis before running off tittering. I yearn to do the things that I once found relaxing like cooking or tying flies without someone demanding that they be allowed to “help”. And being alone with my wife… well…

I miss you so much privacy.




4 comments on “Privacy (or the lack thereof)

  1. Kathy Beaulne says:

    If it helps, you get your privacy back when they are teenagers…but then you spend it all wondering where they are and if they are OK. Keep them coming because it is keeping me and all of my friends entertained.

    • agitatedangler says:

      Well that should give me something else to write about…
      And thanks, I’m glad you and your friends like it. 🙂

  2. Val says:

    Only another… 20 years or so, I guess…!

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